How does technology impact our daily life?

By | December 21, 2019

Technology has become an important part of our life these days. Today we are living in age of technology where our daily life is related to technology in one or another way. There is no doubt that over a period of time technology has created useful resources for us. Everything is available to us at just a click of button. The technological development leads to amazing discoveries providing us with better facilities and luxuries. Technology has completely changed our daily lifestyle. There are so many extremely advanced gadgets present today which helps us in better communication, study, work, shop and play. If we look around we can easily recognize that we are surrounded by technology. We use it in form of computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and smart TV & refrigerators.

laptops, mobile phones, tablets and smart TV & refrigerators.

Let’s start this discussion from our home itself where we use technology to ease our life:


Improvement in technology helps us in better and effective communication with people around us. There are numerous ways with which we can communicate like social networking websites, emails, voicemails, video conferencing etc. In our homes as well we use all these methods to communicate and moreover, our homes get communication features in terms of video door phones where we will be able to see who is visiting our home.

Home Entertainment

With the introduction of technology our entertainment structure has been completely changed now. If we talk about an example, the way we have moved from videotapes to CD & DVD and now to online content due to heavy use of internet and improvement in the speed as well. Everybody wants to watch the entertainment stuff at their own availability and due to that TVs become smart and you don’t need to connect them with CD or DVD player. Moreover, now you can even control your electric appliances through your mobile as well. You can even control the content level as per your requirements. In case you want specific content for your children then you can control that as well.

Housing and Lifestyle

Our housing and lifestyle have also got impacted with the introduction of new technology. Majorly we see a lot of automation in our homes which makes our life easier and safe. Housing features like automatic control of your lighting, fans, ACs and other appliances from your phone itself that too siting anywhere in the world. It also helps in saving a lot of energy as well. When it comes to safety, there also a lot of changes has been introduced. Safety features like, door locks with finger print, security cameras, video door phones etc. Definitely these features make us feel more secure now. Even, you can access the cameras from your phone itself. Few renowned developers like Hero Realty, Shapoorji Pallonji, ATS Infrastructure, and Godrej have introduced such features in their residential projects in Delhi NCR. Home automation technology has made our life very easy in terms of security, safety, power consumption & more.

Home Entertainment, Housing and Lifestyle, Education, Traveling


Technology has completely changed the way our children are learning. Now there are smart classes where kids are learning through audio & videos. They use tablets for further learning. Students can access books online these days and there is no need to get a hard copy of it. With the introduction of technology in the field of education things have become easier and convenient for students. The burden of books has also been reduced. Now a huge amount of images, videos & audios are getting used to communicate with kids and make them learn.


Technology has also made travelling a lot easier today. Now you do not get lined up in queues to get Bus, Train or Air tickets. Everything can be done online through your mobile or laptop. You can check the availability of tickets of any future date and can plan your travel accordingly. If you are planning holidays, you can research about the place online itself and can find the best places to visit in a city or a country. Now you also don’t need to remember the driveway, you can access online maps and they will guide you turn by turn till your destination. Even you will be able to find shorter and faster ways to reach.

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