What is SEO and its different techniques and types?

By | May 20, 2019

Search Engine Optimization consists of all the activities that are expected to improve the website’s visibility and ranking in the search engine result pages. It is used to optimize the website and make it user friendly. 

Types of SEO :

On Page SEO –

It relates to the content on your website. This practice involves strategies to optimize an individual page on a website to rank it higher and get relevant traffic in the search engine. 

On page SEO includes the following activities:

Page Titles

• Meta Descriptions

• Meta Tags

• URL Structure

• Content Creation and Optimization

• Keyword Research and Optimization

• Image Alt Tag Optimization, etc.

Off Page SEO –

This practice involves link building in order to improve the website position in search engine result pages. This technique helps in strengthening the website influence and building its reputation. 

Off Page SEO includes the following activities:

• Social Networking Sites

• Blog Submission

• Article Submission

• PPT Submission

• Image and Video Submission

• Press Release

• Forum Marketing

• Directory Submission

• Social Bookmarking

• Link Building

• Business Listings, etc.

SEO techniques:

White Hat

This is the best SEO technique and is a standout amongst the most mainstream SEO. Though it takes time but it gives the long lasting benefits. White Hat SEO use strategies and procedures to enhance the website ranking on the SERPs and don’t violate the search engine guidelines to get the ranking.

Black Hat 

This technique is not as per the SEO rules set by web indexes and particularly Google. It uses the methods to get the instant ranking in the organic searches but violates the quality guidelines of the search engines. 

Grey Hat

It is a sort of SEO that is neither black nor white but uses both the techniques to gain the rankings. It is a mixed kind of approach and some SEO organizations use it to some degree to gain better outcomes but there are chances that the website might get hurt after an update.

So, it is recommended for businesses to use the White Hat SEO to optimize the performance and ranking of the website for a long time performance. 

Why you need SEO services for your website?

Businesses must utilize the power of the web at the fullest to gain optimum profit. SEO is the most outstanding ways to drive traffic and quality leads to your website. Business owners must utilize SEO strategies to enhance the visibility, ranking of the website and to improve the reputation among the customers. 

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